Is your home or office decor lacking in personality and causing you to feel uncool? Well, fret no more because 'Step Brothers' Desk Heads are here to zing you right into a new plateau of coolness and satisfaction! Exchange knowing glances with co-workers on your zoom calls, as a brightly colored Dale and Brennan sit casually on the shelf behind you, signalling to all, that you are indeed a person of exquisite comedic taste. Or simply point at them and exclaim 'Did we just become best friends?' to the plumber as he passes through on the way out the door. These Desk Heads make a fantastic gift as well. Get yours now.


Choose from 7 different colors. (one color per head)


Step Brothers Desk Heads come as a pair (one Brennan Huff / one Dale Doback).


3D printed in tough resin, so quite light in weight.

Each head is about 2.5" tall.

Paint color may vary slightly as these are hand-painted.

'STEP BROTHERS' Desk Heads, Small

Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) Color
Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) Color
  • Each set of Desk Heads is made to order, so please allow a week for production before they ship.